Detroit Institute of Art: My Pick For Today’s Featured Piece

The Detroit Institute of Art’s American painting titled “Cotapoxi” by Frederic Edwin Church.  This is an oil on canvas piece done in 1862. With the upcoming election, and hurricane Sandy ripping up the East Coast, this is what I feel is happening to the United States. BUT I DIGRESS. This piece shows the true power of nature and really hits you in the face with the actual unpredictability of life itself.  In one day, our lives could be changed forever.  Crazy, isn’t it.  We have become all too comfortable with life as we know it.

Detroit Street Art

Check this out:  This page has a map of where you can find some awesome public street art pieces.  The DBP (Detroit Beautification Project) has brought 25 renowned street artists from around the world.  Sorry that this blog isn’t centered strictly around the “Art of Reddit,” but there is just so much to say about art in our world today.  Especially Detroit, something close to my heart and home.  One of the pieces is called the “Illuminated Mural,” a public work project in Detroit.  It’s a mural whose canvas is a nine story vacant building near Detroit’s downtown.  Created by artist Katie Craig, this mural embodies the spirit of Detroit.  As our city continues to rise from the ashes is was once laden with, we work to beautify it and make it livable again.  The little things like this continue to boost the morale of our city with a spirit. Big things are happening in Detroit. 

Detroit Institute of Art: Highlighting Some of My Favorite Pieces.

As a teenager living in the Detroit area, I’m blessed to have such an awesome resource essentially in my backyard.  The DIA is awesome.  Well anyways, here’s one of the pieces currently held at the DIA.  It’s titled “Fruit, Carafe and Glass” by an old friend, Pablo Picasso.  I love his use of a trickle of cool colors surrounded by an array of warm colors.  It’s comforting.

Some Abstract Art Interpretation.

This isn’t a finished piece.  However, it is a piece worth looking at.  This is being sculpted by user hydroawesome, uploaded on the 24th of October.  I’ll try to keep tabs on it so I can upload it finished.  Even in its current state it speaks volumes.  This shows many faces all in one.  I feel like this is how many people are today (no, not two-faced.)  I feel that throughout the day, many of us have different masks we put on for each area/group of people.  You have your family mask, your friends mask, your school mask.  It’s just an interesting concept.  Can’t wait to see the finished piece.

Crazy Textures.

This piece is amazing.  Not because of the subject it depicts, but because of the creativity of the media (mediums?) it uses.  This painting is done with caulking and acrylic paint on MDF (medium density fiberboard.)  The caulking added to the acrylic allows the artist to create textures that would otherwise not be achievable.  It’s almost the meeting of painting and sculpture.  It looks like a painting of a sculpture.  Regardless, it is pretty awesome.  The eyes are heavy with emotion.  Great piece.

Happytown Is Not So Happy.

“Happytown.”  Nice.  Here we are, the last post of postapalooza!  I saved the best for last.  I love this.  It always seems like towns/cities/communities attempt to mask the problems they have with phony projects and titles.  Happytown, oh simple, melancholy, Happytown.  Brilliant.  So much goes on in the world that is left unreported.  This piece shows the true nature of some communities. We see past the phony, corny labels and right into the actual hardships of life in Happytown.. into the hardships of America? Who knows.  Honestly. Who reallyknows.

Abstract Bits and Pieces.

Postapalooza post number two! So, this piece.  Originally uploaded by artist Andrew Loeb. I would be surprised if this painting didn’t portray the haunting character, Slenderman, whose haunting figure haunts the woods of the video game he stars in.  Yet, I feel like this is much more than just Slenderman.  I think this represents corporate America.  The faceless, suited man is representative of the countless Americans who work 9-5 every day for some massive corporate beast.  Who knows, right? Honestly, who knows.


Ready for postapalooza? Yeah, my teacher said we needed to crank out three posts today, so let’s have at it.  First piece! This is an illustration done by a friend of a user named harbingeralpha. It portrays stuntman Felix Baumgartner jumping from 128,000 feet to break numerous world records.  It was an awesome feat that was all over the news.  This illustration is so simple yet so strong, and it’s visually captivating.  User SesameStreetFever claimed it was, “Really nice! Childishly whimsical without being condescending at all - a difficult line to balance.” SOURCE: